My name is Traci, I am the founder and owner of Traci’s Soups. After experiencing my own health concerns, I fell in love with soups and cooking with wholesome ingredients that restored my body. Family and friends come together through good food and conversation, and this is when it hit me! I was inspired to create a brand that exceeded all expectations with ethical standards and ingredients any family can enjoy.   I have dedicated my time to consistently create healthy, fresh and delicious soups that go straight from my commercial kitchen to your table.  I take my time hand picking all-natural produce, rich herbs and spices, dairy-free creamers and hearty beans. Each spoonful of nutrient rich soup delivers a burst of energy, mental clarity and a generous contribution to your overall health. A satisfying meal, prepared in a commercial kitchen, giving your family peace of mind knowing you are enjoying a wholesome meal. I strive to accommodate everyone including those with food sensitivities, allergies and dietary restrictions. Please visit the “Find Us” section if you have any questions and I look forward to serving you at your next pick up or delivery.